Community Outreach: Camp Cole

Community Outreach: Camp Cole

US Brick is a proud supporter of Camp Cole, a fully accessible camp for children, teens, and adults facing serious illnesses and other physical, mental, and emotional health or life challenges. Camp Cole was founded by Kelsey Sawyer Carter and Margaret Deans Fawcett Grantz, who both lost someone close at a young age. You can learn more about the camp’s namesake, Cole, here

Camp Cole is located just outside of Columbia, SC in the community of Eastover. We spoke to cofounder Margaret Deans Fawcett Grantz recently about the opening. 

US Brick: How did the first week go? Are the campers enjoying it? 

Margaret Deans Fawcett Grantz: Camp Cole is off to an incredible start. We have had one full week of camp that was Cole’s Kids Service Camp and one field day with Unumb Center for Neurodevelompent. From campers catching a fish to getting their groove on at the Glow Dance, we had a great time seeing the smiles on our campers’ faces. We have had 150 campers, 25 counselors, and countless volunteers who made Camp Cole’s first overnight camp and field day better than we could have imagined.

US Brick: What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the summer?

Margaret Deans Fawcett Grantz: We cannot wait for the rest of the campers to arrive for the rest of the summer. I am most excited about the last week of July where we will welcome children who have or currently are experiencing homelessness. It is almost every camper’s first time going to camp, and I cannot wait to see the joy that they get to experience at Camp Cole. One of the campers said it best, “Camp Cole makes every kid feel so welcome!”

Mikee Johnson, CEO of US Brick: The visionaries of Camp Cole have envisioned and designed the most advanced platform camp in South Carolina; and not only did they envision it, but they also built it to the highest possible standards. At US Brick, we embrace our community and are equally excited when we can contribute financial gifts and our premium products. God Bless all the friends of Camp Cole – they will change the lives of countless children for many, many years to come.


To learn more about Camp Cole or to make a contribution, vist:

Camp Cole is hosting family friendly fundraising events this fall. Learn more about those here: