News: CEO Mikee Johnson featured on “At Home with Roby” Show

US Brick CEO Mikee Johnson recently joined Trent Haston and Patrick MacIsaac on the “At Home with Roby” show.

About the show: Trent and Patrick are with the Roby Family of Companies, which is the largest comprehensive construction company in the Carolinas and includes Andrew Roby, Inc., Roby Services (electrical, handyman, heating and cooling and plumbing), Roby Commercial (commercial construction and senior living construction and renovations) and Roby Realty (residential and commercial real estate buying and selling).

From Trent and Patrick: After working in the pressure-treated wood business and then the wood pole business for many years, Mikee made the switch from “sticks to bricks” in 2020.  After taking full ownership of a decades-old brick business, Mikee changed the company’s name, did a full rebranding, and immersed himself in all things brick.  Listen below for a crash course on the world’s oldest manmade building structure, and the many different types, colors, and uses for brick we have today.