Community Outreach: Original Six Foundation

US Brick is a proud supporter of Ambassador Haley & the Original Six Foundation. Nikki Haley grew up in a small rural town in South Carolina and recognized the gaps in education in communities across our state. Since education is crucial to childhood development, the programs & opportunities provided by the O6 foundation help bridge gaps in communities with fewer resources. Their efforts are focused since they communicate directly with teachers and administrators in the schools about specific needs.

Original Six Foundation: Children across South Carolina deserve a quality education regardless of where they are born and raised. Original Six Foundation works to improve education by identifying gaps and filling them through hands-on engagement and resources.

CEO Mikee Johnson: The founders of US Brick have long partnered with Ambassador Haley and the Original Six Foundation team since its inception.  To identify the areas that most need additional educational resources and to actually deliver those resources is a testament to an incredible vision and an amazing Founder.

Learn more about the Original Six Foundation here.

Their upcoming event, O6 Shoot-Out, will be held in October. Take a look here. We will be there, so please let us know if you’re attending. Fall skeet-shooting for a great cause!